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Deb Kortyna is a Well Pro International Wellness Coach and Sanoviv Nutritional Advisor. 

She received a BA in Biology from Eastern University, St. Davids, PA and MBA in Health and Medical Services Administration from Widener University, Chester, PA. Since college days, she has worked in dietary departments, clinical laboratories, health-care information systems companies and in her own wellness business since 1999.

In the last 5 years, Deb’s focus has been nutrition and exercise. Starting a couch to 5K program in 2011 has led her to completing half marathon races.  Focusing on low glycemic and plant based diet, she has shed multiple pounds and improved health.

Recently, she became a Sanoviv Nutritional Advisor and a Wellness Coach through Well Pro International.  Deb offers wellness and nutritional coaching.

Deb Kortyna, MBA, Wellness Coach

Wellness coach, Nutrition Advisor, Healthy Gut Advisor, Deb Kortyna, MBA, Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor, Well PRO Wellness Coach
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